Instructions for steel wool

The finest sorts 0000, 000, 00, 0,

serves for smoothing, polishing and cleaning of all high quality articles made of metal, polished wood, plastics, glass, enamel, lacquer, ceramic(s) etc., where highest requirements are placed at surface quality and purity. Application dry, with water possibly with soap or with oil moisten, depending upon kind of the surface.

For the cleaning of aluminum and all metal pots, cans, kitchen devices you uses PANTHER STEEL WOOL of the sorts 00, 0 and 1, you dip a pad into water, rubs it against a piece of soap and treats with it the article toward the roundness. Afterwards wash with clear water and dry with a pure cloth.

The middle sorts 1, 2, 3

are used to clean glass, ceramic(s), wood, linoleum, to remove color and dirt crusts, rust and oxide films, for the smoothing of primed surfaces before painting for cleaning metal and galvanized to articles, distance of crusts on leathers and footwear tinned. Dry or moist applicable.

The rough sorts 4, 5, 6

serve for cleaning and smoothing parquet and all wood floors, all rougher metal and wood articles, milk pots, color cans, to remove crusts and dirt of all kinds, cleaning out boilers in industry and household. Dry or moist applicable. More effectively and more carefully than emery cloths, sand paper or pumice stone.