`` Panther `` - Special Steelwool Products ` Stainless ``

Due to special requirements for special industrial purposes with regard to heat, corrosion, tinder and rust resistance, we manufactor also steelwool from alloyed quality steel material No. DIN 1. 4113 S = X 6 Cr Mo 17 = AISI 434 = SAE 51434 ( 17% chromium and 1,1 % molybdenum contents ). According to our experience these quality steelwool products are especially suitable for
1.) Silencers for motor vehicals, power stations, stationary motors, ship motors, plane motors,
     production plants.
2.) Filter for natural gas, humid air and gases, waste gases, liquids, against dirt and tar in
     pipelines, washable filters in chimneys of power stations, against soot and ashes.
3.) Isolation and upholstery with high heat strain and influence of water and soap.
4.) Reinforcing fibres ( high density concrete, synthetics).
5.) Cleaning purposes, with which rusting must be absolutely avoided ( food production,
     glasmanufacturing etc.)

This quality steelwool has a long fibre, is tough and elastic due to our special manufacturing procedure. The products manufactored from this are resistent to temperatures until 800° C.
For these products we are authorized by the information office ``Edelstahl Rostfrei `` (stainless quality steel ), Düsseldorf, to bear the protected signe.

`` Panther `` quality steelwool can be supplied in:
1.) In reels at approx. 6 kg with 70 mm or 100 mm width, special width up to 200 mm is possible.
2.) In formed parts ( tube pieces, rolls, tresses, mat works, crossed ropes, formed pieces etc.).
3.) In mattings and felts up to 1 m width with desired lengths and weights of approx. 800 g/ m² up to
     2500 g/ m².

Besides we produce for special technical purpose:
A) Silencer special woll with a fibre cross-section of about 0,12 x 0,8mm² from material No. 1.4016
    (X8Cr17, ISI430, SAE514309).
B) High temperature ressistance until about 1100°C from material No. 1.4793 (about 24% Cr and about 1% Mo).